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Outdoor Wedding Venue Pros and Cons

Outdoor weddings come with a catch....rain. When we first started doing weddings, our backup was a tent. But tents are expensive to maintain, difficult to put up quickly requiring four or more men, and the poles are unsitely and need to be decorated. We soon discovered that within just a couple of days, the shade from the tent would kill the grass, so a permanent outdoor solution was necessary.

While very costly, we knew building a structure would eventually pay for itself. We considered building a pole barn, but wanted something that would match the house. It was important to me that it looked in keeping with the tudor style, so the investment was made.

The pavilion is perfect for an outdoor wedding reception, and if necessary, we can also use it for the ceremony. There's no worry about putting up a tent, and we added plastic tarps so that when it's really pouring we can drop them and it gives a little more protection from the weather.

If you are looking to have an outdoor garden wedding we hope you will consider Windsor Manor.

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